Book Beth

Beth is available for the following freelance services:

  • Beth offers workshops for writing groups and organizations!
  • Developmental & Copy Edits $2/page. (You're first chapter is free!)
  • Copy Edits $1.75/page
  • Multiple Rounds $3.50/page (You'll receive developmental edits, make changes and send it back to me so that I can proofread for you before publication.)
  • Query Critiques $15 (I queried with a 50% full request rate, snagged an agent and editor and currently teach query/plot classes).
  • Query plus Synopsis Critique $20
For more information, please send an email to


  1. Beth: Thanks so much for your help in the blurb writing class and in critiquing my synopsis. You took the hyperventilation out of the process! It was great to learn those key elements so I can start with the skeleton and flesh it all out into something that doesn't make me cringe. ~Mysti

  2. Beth, I know this is really late, but thank you so much for your excellent query critique for my novel SEER. It was very helpful in identifying areas that needed to be worked on. I really appreciate it and definitely recommend your query critiques to other authors. (Sorry if this posts twice. There was an issue with my computer when I posted the first time.)