Friday, October 7, 2016

Celebrate Marna Reed's Novella

My friend Marna Reed is here to celebrate the release of her Christmas novella, Home Sweet Cocoa.

Hello everyone.
I’m not Beth, but she graciously allowed me to take over her blog for this guest post.
Hi, I’m Marna Reed. *waves*

My debut contemporary romance novella, Home Sweet Cocoa, is Christmas-themed, and while I was “researching” I got caught up in the Pinterest wormhole of ornament decorations. So, naturally, I was inspired to make an ornament for myself!

I can’t take the credit though. I got help from Remodelando la Casa, a blog with this crafty post to make your own reindeer-like wine cork ornament for Christmas. Add that extra personal touch to the tree this year. :0)

Since I didn’t follow the “ingredients” to making this ornament, and to ensure that I don’t confuse anyone, here’s what my items looked like:


1 seam-ripper (because I was way too lazy to look for an awl, lol)
1 pipe cleaner (I chose blue)
1 pom-pom
2 googly eyes
1 cork
Elmer’s school glue
Some clear tape (you’ll see why…)

1.      I used the seam ripper to poke hole in at the top. Took WAY longer than I thought (ha, idiot me), but once I cut two, even pieces off the long pipe cleaner, the pieces fit perfectly after I dabbed in some school glue.
2.      I glued on the eyes and titled them in front of a space heater. Guys and gals, use hot glue. I found the glue gun expensive, so consider the purchase real hard, but if you’re a crafty person then invest in one.
3.      Since I didn’t bother to purchase hot glue (this would be so much easier!), I had to tape on the pompom nose and googly eyes. It was a mess, seriously. I’m surprised the pictures turned out well (if I do say so myself).
4.      Ta-da! If you preserve, you’ll have yourself one cute reindeer that fits the palm of your hand nicely. Enjoy.

And if you’re a visual person like me, here’s an image breakdown of my process for my corky (quirky?) reindeer, Billy the Blue-Nose Reindeer:

And have fun with it—I did! I decided to make Rudolph’s (totally fictional) girlfriend, Pearl the Pink-Nose Reindeer or Pearl Pink for short. Heehee.

Thanks for checking out this blog post, everyone.

I’m curious though, since I don’t celebrate Christmas, how do you choose your ornaments? Do you have ornamentation that’s been passed down through the family? Do you shop for new ornaments every year, adding one new ornament to the tree per year?

Please let me know in the comments. I’d love to pick your brains!