Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Maddy's Oasis Book 25

"With an ill mother in need of expensive surgery, Madeleine flies from NYC to the west Texas desert to take on the doomed Desert Oasis resort project in hopes of earning the bonus attached to finishing it on schedule. She soon finds there's only one thing hotter than the desert sun: Jake, the infuriating Texan whose dislike of the fast-paced city puts them at odds at everything from her high-heels to her to-do lists. When the Oasis reveals its dark secret, Maddy finds she must choose between money and those she cares about. Contemporary western (sweet) romance novella."

OMG!!! I loved this book. I'm so excited. There hasn't been a book I really loved in a long while! But I loved this book! I didn't think I was going to at first. It's written in third person, and that's usually not my thing...and tends to annoy me. Also, it's hard for me to read books set in Texas, because they usually rely on stereotypes. But this one didn't. 

This book got really good really fast and became impossible for me to put down. Before ELF was born, it was common place for me to stay up all night reading a book. But I'm lucky if she sleeps 6 hours a night, so when she does I sleep. Except this weekend, I stayed up to read. I was routing for Jake and Maddie all the way through. The romance is strong, and the characters are all developed. I loved Jake's family! Being from Texas, they reminded me of people I know.  There were a few things that I really loved. Like when Maddy complained to Jake's uncle about him fighting at the construction site, and the uncle asked if he won. So Texan. The other thing I really loved is the way the romance came offthe page in spite of characters never really saying, "I love you." Don't get me wrong. I'm a sucker for "i love you," but what they did say was stronger. I LOVED what Jake said at the end. Can't tell you--sorry.

Oh--and this is adult, but it's clean romance. 

If I changed one thing about the book, it would be the fight. Maddey's ex-boyfriend works with her and is at the construction site. He's talking trash about her, and Jake kicks his butt. I wish the fight had come in sooner, so that it read more like he was defending Madeline, (because the ex was saying some really disrespectful things). Instead, it reads like Jake is jealous, and he is. But I would have liked it better if he were defending Madeline. 

I seriously want more from Jake and Madeline. The book is wrapped up well. There is no reason to have a sequel, but I'd totally pay for one. Or fanfiction. Something. I need more!!!


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