Friday, September 27, 2013

Big Dreams Blogfest

The Big Dreams Blogfest is hosted by Misha Gericke and I which makes it especially bad that I'm so late to the game today. But those of you who follow me on facebook know I've had a rough week, and while it's not an excuse I hope you will forgive me.

My dream is to make a million dollars from my writing by 2024. Last month I laid out a list of goals to help me get there. Unfortunately, I don't think I've met a single goal on that list. Instead of laying out new goals this month, I'm still working on last month's goals. So this is Beth a month behind, over and out.


  1. Hi Beth, I found you because I am part of the 5 Year Project blog-hop too. I like your dream! Sorry to hear about your lack of progress. Better luck this month... :)

  2. That's happened to me too! Good luck with achieving them this month. :-)

  3. At least you have the goals laid out and know where to go from here! Good luck for October. :)