Friday, February 28, 2014

Big Dreams Bloghop February

The Big Dreams bloghop is hosted by Misha Gericke and I. So sorry for hosting so late in the day. Ridiculous since I'm a co-host. I had an assignment for my MFA I thought was due tomorrow then realized it was due today and really had to hustle. I got my pages turned in, which means I finished the month with about 15,500 words. Not even close to my goal of 50,000. But in fairness, Feb has been a horrible month starting out with food poisoning and a huge disaster I can't talk about on the blog followed by a root canal and no resolution to before mentioned huge disaster yet. In other news, I got notes back on Perfect Harmony and have decided to rewrite the whole book in past tense based on one sentence that wasn't working. I guess my goal for March is to finish The Senator's Son and I will have to revise the first fifty pages for my professor. These aren't really writing goals, but I'd like to get in control of my eating habits and kick my sugar addiction too. NO more root canals. What are your goals?

P.S. I'm teaching the method I used to query with a 50% full request rate here beginning Monday. The blurb I wrote using this method led to my agent and book deal. Down to two remaining slots


  1. Root canals are the worst, I'd rather have another C-section. No, food poisoning is the worst, I'd rather have 2 C-sections....Wow. You've had a rough month. You still got some thinking and writing done in spite of it all. I say March has got to be much, much better. Good Luck with your Goal.

  2. Sorry to hear about the unresolved disaster! I hope things get sorted quickly. And a root canal - yuck! I hope March is a much better month for you!

  3. Hope March is better. February sounds like a terrible month, poor you :(
    Rewriting a whole book in the past tense sounds like a lot of work but it mirrors the problem with POV I'm currently struggling with.

  4. Sorry to hear about the root canals. Best of luck with the rest! :)