Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Thank You

I love this community. That's one thing that has held true through all the ups and downs--and they're have been plenty of ups and downs--of this journey. You probably noticed that I kind of disappeared from cyber space for a while. That was a down. A major down. A time that was chaotic in life as well as writing. I think I've found a writing routine again, thanks to this community.
I will eventually post about what happened and where I was, as soon as I can put the experience into words. I'm still thinking on this. But I felt a need to say thank you, because without this community, I would have never found a way back.
A lot of people have helped me through this. Kelly Hashway taught me so much about writing years ago, and badgered me not to quit when the chaos started. I stepped away for awhile. She badgered me to get back to it. I think it took longer than she would have liked, but it happened. Sara Nego has been my go to for marketing advice even though I'm not her client. And she's always around to talk to me when I'm having a bad day. Several of you have contacted me tell me you like a story or ask me to write something specific (yes, Hannah, I'm now hoping to write Rana and Jackson's story). And those kind words meant more than you could have known.
 Very recently, Lizzy Ford, and indie best seller who is now offering coaching services, called me and spent an hour on the phone with me to give me marketing advice and help me figure out how to make a living or at least a steady income writing. (This is important for me right now since I lost my day job in the spring). I offered to hire her to coach me. I knew if anyone could teach me how to sell a book it was Lizzy Ford. She told me that she felt I just needed to feel more empowered and confident. But she gave me a plan. For her, it was a simple phone call, and an hour of her time but for me it was a push. It was a huge deal. I told my engineer husband it would be like Mark Zuckerberg calling him to offer career advice. (He had some choice words about Mark Zuckerberg but got the general idea.)
Thanks to the people I've met over the years and the time they've taken to help me along the way, I'm in that place I was back in 2010. Writing is fun. Writing is discovery. Discovery is mine, and I shall be discovered. I'm on the brink of something again. And it's going to great, fabulous. There is one minor difference. In 2010, I knew I would sell film rights and win awards. Today, I will option film rights and win a Rita. (See? I know the name of the award).