Wednesday, January 2, 2019

I made a list of 100 goals for this year here. I knew I wouldn't accomplish all of them. I even wrote goals that seemed impossible, just because if you don't think it, you might miss it when it happens.
For this month, I've pulled from the list to make a January micro-list to focus on.
I also categorized them to make the goals seem less random and more doable.
What was really interesting is that some goals fell in more than one category.
I also realized some things I'd chosen were specific ways to accomplish other goals I'd written.
  1. Lose 9 lbs.
  2. develop a healthy mindset
  3. be able to cross my legs comfortably
  4. learn yoga
  5. minimize sugar
  6. NO cokes
  7. form a yoga or meditation HABIT
  1. build my community
  2. Find friends to dance with
  3. volunteer at least once
  4. find a local activist group
  1. wash my face 2x/day
  2. develop a healthy mindset (this one matters for everything)
  3. read affirmations daily
  4. quit venting
  5. use a moisturizer daily
  6. give myself a bedtime
  7. Remember to use the "suckies" list
  8. let go of worry
  9. be content with what I have
Personal Development
  1. finish Crafting a Life You Love
  2. Make a weekly goals list
  3. Reward myself for accomplishing goals
  4. Finish The Art of Extreme Self Care
  5. Read Traffic

  1. take a formatting class
  2.  check blog analytics
  3. check blog settings
  4. query woman's world shorts
  1. read a book or organization for ADD ppl
  2. organize master bath
  3. organize closet
  4. organize bedroom
  5. organize office
  6. organize kitchen
  7. organize elf's room 
  8. organize garage
  1. pay off phone 1/9/19
  2. apply to stitch fix
  3. sign up to sub 1/4/19
What are your goals this month?


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