Saturday, September 1, 2012

Excerpt Opportunity

If you have a sweet love story you're trying to get noticed, I'm looking to include an excerpt at the end of my short story, Fate. I don't care if it's contemp or paranormal, and it can be YA or adult, though I prefer nothing to risque as I write fairly tame romance.

I can't promise how long the excerpt will stay at the back of the book, but at least for a few weeks. I don't care if the excerpt is from a self published or traditionally published book, but it does need to be polished. Also, I'm only looking to include one excerpt right now, so if I get a large response, I apologize in advance to anyone I can't include.



  1. I'll echo, Sheri. It's a great idea and nice of you to offer to people.

  2. That's such a generous offer, Beth. I don't write "sweet" romance, but I wish you much success. :-)