Friday, May 29, 2015

Big Dreams Blogfest

The Big Dreams Blogfest is hosted by Misha Gericke and myself.

The past couple of months have been hard for me, which is why April didn't get posted. The school I worked for had budget cuts and because I was the last one hired, I got the cut. Thanks! But this is complicated because I'm teaching on a probationary license, so if I don't find a job by August, I won't get my license! I've done a lot of work for my license and paid a lot of money. But that's okay. We all know the MC has to succeed after 3 failed attempts, because after that the reader gets bored (and imagine how the mc feels). So August is my time lache (a technique often used to up the pressure on the mc) and I've had two interviews which will either result in a job or my first two struggles. So it will be okay.

I think my goals for April were to take a writing class, finish PH rewrites, take the ESL exam and finish 2 internship projects. I took the writing class, the exam and finished a couple of internship projects. I didn't really work on the rewrites, but I did get Hope ready for a relaunch and it's going to be in print. I also changed my marketing plans for the future.

I'm not working off funnel marketing. Hope will have a relaunch in July, so I'm working on a prequel to make available for free. My goals for June are to finish Before Hope Dawned, make a solid outline for my thesis novel, survive MFA residency and find a job.

What are your goals this month?


  1. So sorry to read that you've lost that job. It really sucks. Praying for you.

    Good luck with rewrites!

  2. Best of luck with the job hunting. Sounds like you're approaching it with the right attitude, which is so important. Good luck with your other goals too.

  3. Just catching up with the 5 Year Goal blog hop. Very sorry to hear you've lost your job. All your energies are going to be focused around finding a new one and getting that probationary license. Good luck with this and best wishes.