Sunday, May 17, 2015

Monday Mishmash

Monday Mishmash is hosted by Kelly Hashway.

  1. Decree of Hope- I've mentioned that Finding Hope is getting a new name (Decree of Hope) and a new cover. The cover reveal is being hosted by YA Bound and will be this Friday. I'd love it if you could sign up!
  2. The Art of Blurb Writing- I'm teaching a blurb writing workshop in July or NEORWA. I'll post a sign up link as soon as it's available.
  3. Blurb Writing Made Easy- I've quit marketing or even attempting to book my blurb writing class due to new constraints on my time. NEORWA asked me if I would be willing to teach, and of course, if it will help other writers, I'm always available. Well, another organization approached me about teaching blurb writing made easy, so I'm sure this will happen at some point. I just think it's ironic that I used to work hard to keep this class book, and now people approach me. This has made me think about my marketing efforts for writing.
  4. Before Hope Dawned- I'm hoping to have a freebie for Peace Series fans the same day the Hope blog tour starts. 
  5. Secret Project- I'm also plotting a secret project that is so secret it can only be referred to as "secret project."

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like you're seriously busy at the moment. :-)

    Let me know if you need a blog tour stop.

    And I can't wait until we can find out more about the secret project.