Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Way Things Are...

Yep, that's how I feel today. Let me start with NEVER AGAIN!!!!

Never again will I make meat loaf or rice crispy treats and especially not at the same time. The meat loaf turned out really good but I cannot say the same for the rice crispy treats, and either way the marshmallow cereal mixture in my hair was just not cool.

When I started this post I was in a much worse mood than I am now. It seems after one month of living in the tundra I finally found a grocery store with my staple items!!! YAY!

I haven't really found a bookstore around here yet, which for writer/reader/blogger is a nightmare. I always joked that book events were like concert for nerds. There are stores here that do have book events, just no YA, which is where my heart is. Not to mention, where my blog is. I love to go to book events and pick up autographed goodies that I can give away, or meet knowledgeable authors that I can blog about.

Maybe, things will turn around soon though. Emil and I went to Chicago for a rather adventurous day Saturday. Haha! He found it really inconvenient to stop by the apt (next door) after lunch and get my coat before we headed over, so I froze and went into second hand shops in this "fake" street in Chicago for a coat I could wear over my dress. I never really found one, so I alternated between wearing his coat and freezing. (He took it back when he got cold. Who says chivalry is dead?) I did ramsack this cute little gourmet kitchen store for a cute apron. (I'm new at this house-wife thing. It had to be cute). Then we stopped by a "pizzeria" for dinner on our way to the theater. The pizzeria had no pizza on the menu. I didn't really mind the fact that it was upscale and way over-price because we were dressed for the theater anyhow. Except that in an effort to be healthy I ordered a salad, which consisted primarily of three blocks of cheese (not so healthy) and tasted horrible, so I saved a lot of calories by not eating it.

The theater turned out to be a total sham. We saw Hamlet promenade style (interesting, yes). My favorite part was the curtain call. My not so favorite part was having my knee slammed into by a flying actress. You can find a full review here.

But I stopped at the book cellar and learned that they've been looking for someone to send their YA events to, and have a panel coming in April. I'm really hoping this will be a store I can develop a relationship with. I miss my book events. :(.


  1. Geez sounds like an overall rough day. I hope today is an improvement! :)

  2. A pizzeria with no pizza?? For shame... :) Never good when you're excited for a night out and it doesn't live up to expectations. Hope your next venture on the town is much better!

  3. LOL, I kept seeing you with marshmallow goo in your hair. I hope you find a decent bookstore soon, at least you can browse and order online. :)

  4. email me directly with where you live and maybe I can steer you to a book store or two. We've been in this state for 6 years now.