Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Show Days #3

Wow! I'm so behind on the blog it's not funny. This series should have been just about done by now.

The idea of "Show Days" is that I write a brief (very brief) scene and you tell me who the character is and what she/he is doing. The purpose is to help me learn to "Show." For more about this, you can go here.

"Twenty, forty, sixty, eighty, one." I slapped the last twenty into the wrinkled hand of the man in front of me.

"Thank ya, sweetheart."
"You're welcome, Mr Wright. Would you like a receipt for this transaction?"
"No thanks." Mr.Wright turned to leave. I watched him walk out of the lobby.

I sighed as I took my vest off and shoved it under the counter. I put the key in my register, removed the drawer, and took it to the vault room to tally up bills and coins.

Half an hour later, I arrived at the reading. Patricia and her girls sat at one end of the 12 person dining table. I sat at the other.

A mostly bald man with a ring of white hair around the edge of his head sat at the center. "With Becca here, we shall begin."
"The house and all it entails is bequeathed to Patricia Wickes."
A collective sigh came from the other end of the table.
I scoffed under my breath. "Afraid he might actually leave me something because he insisted I be here?"
"A total of fifty thousand dollars after funeral expenses is bequeathed to Patricia Wickes. A sum of ten thousand dollars is bequeathed to each of his daughters--" the attorney continued.
"Oh wow!" I exclaimed drawing eyes from the other end of the table. "He finally acknowledged my existence." Then I laughed. "If he had done it before I owed the government a bzillion dollars for college it might matter."
"May I continue?" The attorney asked.
I nodded.
"A sum of then thousand is bequeathed to each of his daughters, Payton, Spice, and Tanner. The remainder of the estate and a sincere apology is left to Rebecca Wickes Fuller."
I gasped for a minute. There had to be a catch. "The remainder of the estate means I'm responsible for all remaining debt."
"The debt has been cleared."
Tanner stood. "I'm fighting this. He obviously made some mistake in old age." She looked to the attorney. "Joe, you'll help us right?"
"As the executor of the will, I'm afraid I have to look out for your father's last wishes."
A smile stretched across my face. "I'm going home today and paying the loan. The whole thing. If you sue me, you'll get a letter saying if I ever make any, you can have a whole lot of money. Since I probably never will, I'm not too worried about it." I winked at her and headed out the door. For the first time ever, I was the "other" sister.

Who is the character? What does she do? Where is she at?


  1. The girl from "The Haunting"? Haha! Okay, I have no idea.

  2. She just graduated college with huge debt and is struggling to pay rent. She inherited this unexpected sum and is thrilled to pay off her loans. :D I'm really distracted by your pretty sparks when I move my cursor though...