Thursday, May 1, 2014

Novel Engagement

Novel Engagement is what's new in the romance world this week. It's RWA's online marketing database that allows you to promote all of your books in one place for a fee. The pros are obvious. All your books in one place and your registration covers up to five pen names. But I'm not jumping on this. Why? Well, because I'm not sold. Amazon's author central accomplishes basically the same thing. Although, the "romance" target is supposed to be a plus to novel engagement, and it may be. Only time will tell. And with some actual results I'm more likely to spend money. But here is another thing. Lots of people connected to RWA aren't writing clean romance or sweet love stories. Many people who write clean romance do so under the umbrella of "women's fiction" which is no longer part of RWA. The inspirational category is becoming broader as the world becomes racier and is beginning to include clean romance, but this is in the beginning stages so many inspirational readers are still looking for the "come to Jesus" meeting which you won't usually find in my books. For now, Beth is going to wait and watch.


  1. Mmm yeah... it might not be where your market is. Waiting in watching can be a good approach. :-)

  2. Sounds like a wise decision. It definitely is interesting, but if a fee's involved especially, I am always wary at first!

  3. I'm waiting and watching too. I'd like to see results, because I'm not sure it will be as popular as they hope.