Friday, March 18, 2016

Matching Hearts: Writing for Woman's World #5

Okay, first of all, the story this week is super cute! I mean super cute! It was like syrupy sweet dripping off the page. If you haven't checked out Woman's World you may want to do that. In this series I'm breaking down WW stories into plot points in hopes of conquering the style and writing my way to a publication credit and an $800 paycheck! (I did this with novels in 2013 with novels and landed a book deal--it was a crap deal--but I did it).

B: Casey is grabbing her luggage at the airport, when she meets a man at the airport who says that he bag she's holding is his. He's surprised they have the same luggage tag. He bought a lime green one because no one else would have it. She figures out they purchased it at the same store in a small town. (1/6 pattern)

M: They talk about how unlikely it is they both live in the same small town and have never met until now. They are both in Boston visiting family. They part ways not knowing if they will see each other again. Then Casey spots him at the airport returning to Eastport(the small town). He says his flight came in earlier but his luggage didn't and he's hoping his luggage is with her. Both of their luggage come off the carousel together. (Slight more than 4/6)

E: They leave together to begin a tour of Casey showing him around Eastport as he is a newcomer. The tour will begin with a lunch date. (Less than 1/6 which I thought worked really well.)


  1. It does follow the three acts. It's neat that you're doing this. I hope it helps you get that sale. The money does sound nice. Keep writing.

  2. I like your breakdown and analysis! I hope it works well for you! :)