Thursday, March 3, 2016

"Where the Heart Is" Writing for Woman's World #4

Okay, so I've read a couple of these shorts that don't fit the pattern. But I ran out of time to blog them and a new episode is out now. I'll try to do an extra post next week where we talk about one of stories that don't follow the plot pattern I've identified.

This week story is a super cute reunion story, and it follows the pattern perfectly.

B: Woman returns to hometown looking for an to "where home really is" and meets a man she knew from high school. (1/6 of the story and in those first few paragraphs you get the MC's name, Cassie. She has an internal conflict, and she sees an old friend from high-school, so you know it's a reunion story).

M: They have coffee together, talk about old times, he admits he regrets losing touch, they reminisce about a shared kiss--her first kiss--and by all accounts flirt. Then he gets a phone call that ends with, "I love you too." (This is 4/6 of the story, and I think the writer did a really good job. She included enough back story to let you know why we care that these two characters have met again, but there is an obvious climax. Someone calls him. It's urgent he takes the call and it ends with "I love you, too." In my opinion, these stories don't always milk the emotional moment so much).

E: He tells Cassie he hopes she's sticking around. And she says it seems like someone needs him now, and he tells her the phone call was his mom. He's single, and they're having lunch. ;) (Again 1/6 and ties the story up nicely)

And remember all of this happens in 800 words or less!

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