Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Update Day

I'm doing weekly updates of Big Dreams Blogfest to keep me accountable.

Get through a second round of edits on thesis novel (not happening)
Sub 2 stories to Woman's World (I've written two but subbed neither).
Make Hope Button for Blog (Done).
Hit 1000 Twitter followers (I've been bad about this).
Get Mailing List Going & Sign 50 Subscribers (This one too).
Publish Before Hope Dawned(I emailed the cover artist. Will be working on edits).
Write a free short for mailing list(Haven't started).
Write submission package for So You Think You Can Write (I have two concepts but have done nothing toward sub package).
Visit 25 blogs/week (I think I did about half of this).
Loose 10 lbs. (As of Saturday morning, my weigh in day, I was down 2 lbs. But I gained 3 lbs. last week so that is still up 1).

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