Friday, February 1, 2013

2013 Goals #2

Goals for Feb

  1. Write lesson plans for blurb writing class
  2. Edit & format The Other Marlowe Girl
  3. Get half way through A Missing Peace sequel (hopefully w/ good words)
  4. start GMC or "Showing" series

Goals for 2013

  1. Read a craft book
  2. Do a 6 week series on GMC or the Hero's Journey (these will be analysis)
  3. Do a 6 week series on showing versus telling (these will be analysis)
  4. Write 2 novels
  5. Read 30 books
  6. Promote 52 bookish things (books and/or authors)
  7. Learn ballroom dancing w/ the hubs
  8. Learn to eat healthy and without sugar
  9. Lose 48 lbs.
  10. Work out more
  11. Start new blog
  12. Create a blog roll for this blog
Goals for Jan.
  1. Lose 4 lbs. Okay, so this happened at one point, but I gained it back.
  2. Finish Nadir Though the title changed.
  3. Start dead sister book
  4. write every day even if it's only 500 words This did not happen, but most weeks my word count was the same as if it had happened.
  5. work out twice/week
  6. learn half a ballroom routine


  1. Wow, you've got some serious goals. Good luck!

    1. Thank you, Sarah. I'm nothing, if not ambitious :D. But if I write 1000 words/day, I can do it!!! (accept today b/c I doubt I'll write since I started editing at 5 a.m).

  2. Replies
    1. We never really got started on that. But I've been doing the "dancing w/ the stars" workout.

  3. You're a very busy young lady. Remember to have fun while reaching your goals.

  4. Great goals, Beth. It sounds like you work better with weekly word count goals as opposed to daily. Nothing wrong with that.