Wednesday, February 13, 2013

YA or NA

So I have several fulls out on a YA ms about an Iraq War Refugee and the son of a fallen soldier. I was very selective about who I queried this time, and sent only about 15 queries. However, I knew that I would only query a small number of people, before I started. I'd already decided that if one of those people didn't make an offer I'd self publish. I've given myself a deadline and anything I haven't heard back on by summer, I'll most likely pull. 

Here is the problem. I've planned a three book series. The first one is definitely YA with both MC's in high school. The next one I think could be YA or NA. He's out of high school and she graduates about half way through, but they both still live at home. The third I think is definitely NA. He's probably 20 or 21 and she's a couple of years younger, but she had to quit school early due to life situations. So do I market this as YA or NA?


  1. Maybe Mature YA? Depending on the content, new adult could probably work too.

    1. I kindo f thought new adult, because of the issues they're facing. But there is no sex and I'm not sure how marketable clean NA is. (I know how marketable clean adult is).

  2. Liking the concept of your YA about an Iraq War Refugee and the son of a fallen soldier. I'm intrigued.

  3. They are YA when the story begins so I think that's where you have to market. The series can grow with them. I don't see that as a problem.

  4. I would say YA because you write sweet romances, and because there are a number of traditionally published books in which the first book of the series is YA and the final books is NA (but still reads like YA).