Monday, February 18, 2013

Promoting Book Bloggers for A-Z & Maintenance

First of all, thank you everyone who commented on Friday. Taking the time to offer support meant a lot to me, and it was enlightening to learn that so many people suffer from the same kind of problem. I'm sorry I couldn't respond to you each individually like I usually would. This is a hard thing for me to talk about. Now for the maintenance. You may have noticed that I said I usually respond to you each individually. Well, I've been replying via email for like ever. I never realized so many people had no-reply accounts. LOL. I'm assuming several of these emails have gone unread, so I'm trying to get better about replying here.

Now for A-Z. I'd like to promote book bloggers, and I prefer to keep it to review/book blogs, because I promote writers the rest of the year. Book bloggers make a hug difference for writers. It would be impossible to sell an ebook without them. These people spend their own time and often money on our books then spend more time crafting a review, and blogger reviews are usually fair, whether positive or negative. I've also seen neg reviews that prompted me to buy  a book. So I'd like to promote book bloggers, because they promote writers. If you are a book blogger or you know a good book blogger that deserves a shout out, please let me know.


  1. I'd love a shout out ;) More seriously, I'd recommend Ensconced in YA. She's an awesome book blogger, and happily supports indie writers (

  2. I'd love some more publicity for my blog and I'd like to participate.
    Beth @ Free Spirit Books

  3. This sounds fun, btw thanks for the follow. 'd love to participate
    Danielle @ Coffee and Characters