Saturday, April 2, 2016

Make Money Writing: B=Biography

In the month of April, I'm talking about ways to make money writing. B is for biography. I'm not talking about novel length biographies for people to read. (Although, that isn't a bad option since nonfiction often sales on proposal). I'm talking about something much more basic. If you click on my "About Beth Fred" page you will see a brief biography that will make you remember me. Even if it could use an update. Lots of people and companies pay for similar biographies. They're looking for something quick and memorable to use on a website. As a writer, that shouldn't take you long to write and it's quick cash. I've seen people pay $50-$500 for wiki biographies. Granted, q Wiki biography can be a little bit long than a website or blog bio, but up to $500 for that amount of words? Are you serious? If fiction isn't doing it for you at the moment, look for these gigs.

Have you ever written a biography? 


  1. Biographies are my favs. Gives me a window into the past (I am talking book-sized ones). Wiki ones help me, too!

    Congrats on joining the A-Z Blog Challenge!
    Beth Lapin
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  2. I didn't know you get paid for wiki biographies. That's very interesting :)

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  3. I like the sound of getting paid to write mini biographies. Not sure I'd be any good at though. I struggled through writing mine.

  4. Oh cool. Where would you likely be able to find these jobs though? I don't think I've seen them advertised before.

    ATSP @ Deeply Shallow

  5. There are many ways to make money as a writer to be sure. You are very resourceful writers can learn from your example and tips. All the best to you as you A to Z in April.
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