Friday, April 8, 2016

Make Money Writing: G= Gigs, Ghostwriting

April is all about making money writing. Ghostwriting is not awesome pay, but it does pay. A lot faster than waiting on a royalty check. Another good thing about ghost writing is that it gives you experience writing. To be an expert writer, you need to write one million words. I define this more narrowly. If you need to write a million words to be an expert writer, you need to write a million words of fiction to be an expert fiction writer. For that reason, I don't even count words I write for anything else. The perks of ghostwriting besides a quick pay check? It helps you gain that experience. Best of all, if it sucks, because you're learning? It doesn't have your name on it!

One more thing. Search gigs on sites like elance to find ghostwriting opportunities, ghostblogging opportunities, and article writing work. You can also open up craigslist and go to gigs. You'll sometimes find interesting opportunities there. I even snagged a couple of long term clients in 2014. The thing is they may be looking to pay $10-$20/week for a guest blog. That wouldn't be listed as a job but you can find it under gigs. Blog posts usually take me 15 minutes to write so $10 is fine for me. Also, we all know that writing has hot beds in certain parts of the country and writing opportunities can be virtually non-existent in other parts of the country. With the internet, lots of these opportunities are virtual, so don't be afraid to open up New York's craigslist and look even if you're no where near New York. FYI: Austin, Texas gets some decent writing gigs too.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this stuff, Beth! and wow, it only took you 15 min to write a post.. that's fast! :>