Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Make Money Writing: P=Political Commentary

April is all about ways to make money writing. Political commentary might be a way to make money writing. We recently talked about non-fiction. We said non-fiction can be much shorter and often sells better. A political commentary brand can be a good way to start introducing some non-fiction into the market. And political commentary seems to pick up a quick following.
I know A LOT of writers. It's true enough that most of us are introverted. It's also true enough that many of us are very opinionated. We may not run into a room screaming out opinion because we are introverts but it doesn't change the fact that we have a strong, closely held opinion.
A strong, closely held opinion that can be blasted through hyperbole and often comically is all political commentary is. After six years of writing fiction, all in subgenres of romance, my twitter following is at about 600. After one week of writing political commentary under a pen name, my twitter following hit 70. *Shrugs* I gave up on political commentary (not because I didn't like writing it but I didn't have time for both that and fiction), but if I continued to put out posts I think I could have continued at that rate.
We said that political commentary can produce a quick non-fiction book. You can also sell these essays to blogs or online news sources. Another way to make money writing political commentary is by writing speeches or memes for campaigns. But here are some things to remember. You are always writing for a niche audience. You want a pen name. You don't want to offend your normal readers who may have a difference of opinion and drop your fiction.

Have you ever considered writing political commentary?

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  1. I tried doing political blogging for a while, and after a while I hated it, because I could never get a post written without going all John Cleese over it... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MoATWN68IZA

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