Friday, November 28, 2014

The Big Dreams Blogfest

The Big Dreams Blogfest is hosted by Misha Gericke and myself. Update day is the day we all come together to discuss what we've done to meet our goals.

Theoretically, I have two goals. 1. Write a million words. 2. Make a million dollars. And I feel like most of this year, I've done nothing to accomplish those dreams. In fairness, for my family and I this has been a really hard year. If I'm being objective, I can understand why I can't write. Lately, another goal has been more pressing: find a job. I'm looking for a teaching job. I actually started working on my teaching license before 2010, but about the time I got really serious about it, we moved across the country. The requirements were totally different and after two days of Wisconsin, I knew I was coming home. It seemed unlogical to try and complete the requirements there, when I would have to come back to Texas and start all over. So we're back in Texas, and I've completed the requirements. Mostly. To get a license I need to work on a probationary certificate for a year. The problem is to do that, I need a job. To get a job, I need a license, so you see the conflict...

But my family could use the extra income, and teaching gives me a similar schedule to my duaghter's. Not to mention, I have an English degree, and I'm a writer. There is no other job that utilizes these skills. After three months of searching for a job to no avail, I decided I needed to come at this the way I come at writing. With a business plan. Last night, I started writing out a 30 day action plan. My goal is to have a job teaching middle school English by January 28th. I currently work as a sub which allows me to keep my daughter in the preschool she loves. Subbing, I've got to see a lot of schools, and I love working with middle school students and upper elementary kids. But middle school libraries are completely YA. Umm. Can you say heaven???

I know what you're thinking. A 30 day action plan should yield results in like 30 days. But there are some things to take into consideration here. I'm going to be in India for 15 days of December. I may or may not have internet connection and I'll be working with a 12 hour time difference. Schools will also be closed for two weeks. (I'm leaving a week before schools close, so I'm actually losing 3 weeks here). It's unlikely new jobs will be posted during this time, and entirely possible I'll miss them if they are. So I've built extra time into the plan. Any days I'm unable to conquer from abroad, I'll come home and work on.
I haven't written anything in months. It's sad. It makes me feel like a has been. Or a never was. I think I'm going to blog this process, which means I'm writing, right? I realize these blog posts will have nothing to do with writing and I may lose some traffic, but I haven't blogged since September, so no more traffic loss than staying silent. And many of you just drop by for moral support, which I can tell you I have never needed more than right now.

How are your goals coming along?