Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday Mishmash

1. The House-- I'm closing on my first house today and while I hope having the house junk behind me will free up time for writing/editing/blogging the truth is now it will be time to MOVE. And I hate moving.

2. Book Babe-- My friend Tara at Book Babe is looking for strong and sexy heroines to promote. Their strength can be anything you want, but she'd like their sexiness to be more than just physical. If you have a book you're looking to promote, you can find more here.

3. Edits--Have been non-existent as has writing, and apparently blogging. I've got to get back on my game. Blah.

4. MFA-- I've bought plane tickets and reserved a hotel room, only to realize I never registered for classes! Whoa. Way to go, Beth. Way to go.

5. There is no 5. I was doing good to get through 1-4. And now I'm off to email my department head to get registered. Wish me luck.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Monday Mishmash

  1. Sick--OMG! I'm fairly certain I have bronchitis but I'm too stubborn to go to the doctor. The fever got better but the cough has gotten worse.
  2. Comments--I know I've been a horrible blogger lately. I'm trying to get my rounds in again guys. I still love you all, but things have been more than a little crazy around here lately.
  3. Edits--I got the Finding Hope edits into my agent last week, but I have barely started the Perfect Harmony edits. And I have to do those before making the baby book that I must make before I start drafting.
  4. Overwhelmed--Piggybacking off of #3, I'm feeling overwhelmed. I still have one book left on my production schedule for this year. And I think we'll be closing on our house this week, if not then definitely next week. Which means another move. 
  5. Day job--I'm finding I need one which is scary. I don't know how I can keep writing, work eight hours a day, and play with ELF too. For those of you who do all three how do you manage it?
So that's me. What's up with you this week?

Friday, November 1, 2013

Ashelyn Drake's Nothing To Tell

Disclaimer: This is not PG-13, so if you like clean romance this one may not be for you. But Ashelyn Drake is a very supportive and brilliant writer, and I love promoting her work.

Nothing to Tell (Campus Crush #.5)
by Ashelyn Drake
Release date: October 29, 2013
S.B. Addison Books

Some guys have the art of hooking up down to a science.

They know all the right words to say and all the right games to play.

Except...for guys like Mike Hannigan.

The dude has got no game, his pick-up lines never work, and to make matters worse, his wing-man is his female best friend, Mindy.

Until one day, a mysterious raven-haired beauty catches Mike's eye and he's determined to have her. He doesn't care what lengths he has to go to. He'll do whatever it takes to perfect his game and figure out what to say without sounding like a sleaze.


There's always something strange about mysterious girls.

They're usually mysterious for a reason and this girl in particular might be more than Mike bargained for.

This is a FREE short story prequel to the Campus Crush Series. Add it on Goodreads.

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And to tempt you more, here's the Campus Crush trailer:

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