Friday, November 27, 2015

Big Dreams Blogfest

Are you reading this? Probably not. This blog had died a slow and painful death, much like my writing life.

When Misha Gericke and I started this blogfest, I had a goal of writing a million words and making a million dollars. Specifically, making a million dollars in a twelve month period. At the time it seemed possible. I seemed on top of the world. I had just signed with a well known agent. My book was being published by an imprint of Harlequin. And then things fell apart.
The thing about digital imprints is they're not that different from self publishing except that you're being paid less because you're splitting royalties. A year and a half later I separated from my agent, and while it was my decision and we separated on good terms, it still feels like a huge step back to once again be in the slush pile. And somewhere in there, my husband lost his job and I was faced with the necessity of going back to work. While he quickly found a new job better than the last one, being faced with the peril of no income--I was a SAHM--led us both to think it's better for me to work even without the need. At this point, I'd be happy to make $1500/month writing. That would allow me to quit my day job, which would allow me more time to write. Ironically, because the day job takes so much time I'm barely closer to reaching that million word goal than I was when I started.

Progress? Well, I'm about 22,000 words into a new manuscript. I suppose that's progress. I'm also working on an MFA and I'm almost done with my first semester.

Goals? I have no idea. Keep on surviving?

Best of luck to all of you out their conquering your goals and living your dreams.