Saturday, August 26, 2017

His First Lady- Falling for the Billionaire Boxed Set

My romantic comedy His First Lady is available only in the Falling for the Billionaire Boxed Set. When hearts get involved, this marriage of convenience becomes anything but…

The only letters Mandy Buchanan wants added to her name are MFA but with her dad refusing to pay for a frivolous degree, she may have to add the letters MRS first.

Eric Hernandez wants to be the U.S. President but he’s got two strikes against him: his bachelor status and a popular reality TV star for an opponent. The only thing that can save him? An endorsement from popular Senator Jack Buchanan. If only the Senator didn’t hate Eric’s guts…

Eric has a proposal: A fake wedding that gets them both what they want. Mandy gets her degree, Eric gets a shot at the White House, and one overbearing father gets hot under the collar.

But Eric’s an annoying stuffed shirt like her dad, so Mandy isn’t ready to strike a deal. There is just one problem. His campaign knows Mandy’s secret pen name was the blogger who broke the story about her father’s scandalous affair a year ago.
It’s marriage to a hot billionaire, or be disowned.

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