Friday, June 9, 2017


I've spent years not really knowing what to call what I write. Because one book was fun, cute, and light and the next was the violent progress of ripping myself out of postpartum depression. And then the next also high concept but in a completely different way, a slower way.
And after spending time in indie book groups, I realized what no one at a conference has ever been able to tell me. Every book I wrote wasn't different.
I write two kinds of books.
High-concept YA (often controversially so--but high concept)
Light, funny adult romances.

So you may have noticed you can't buy Decree of Hope anymore.
It's gone.
I can't undo A Missing Peace, because I don't own it.
But the rights will revert back to me in two years and it will disappear too.
Don't worry. They'll both be available under a pen name. As I hope the books I've written under these past few years, while I haven't been publishing will. I know one of them will be released as Beth Fred, the pragmatic mom who bites the crust off her kid's bread and hands it back to her and gives directions in reference to the nearest candy shop.

And the high-concept often gritty YA and NA will be released under my ultra-ego who still has a rebellious streak and doubts the system.

You may have noticed that I haven't blogged much these past few years.
That may or may not change now that I'm a full-time writer/editor. But I had something to say today, so I felt like saying it.