Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Blah. That about covers it.

I slept 3 hours last night. I've been a chronic insomniac most of my life but the past few years have been a lot better. I slept four or more hours on a regular basis, so getting back to this days of "up" at a time is a drag.

I got up to write. I accomplished 104 words before my body wanted sleep. I attempted to sleep. Not happening. I went to the gym and worked so hard I was sick, literally. When I came home, my body screamed for sleep. Not happening, and that's probably for the best because I want to sleep tonight!

I decided I didn't have time for naps. I really want to finish writing CE by June 1. To do that, I have to write. I drug myself out of bed and decided to write. I don't want to. I kinda know what I want to say, but not really. And I feel antsy. I get to this point with every ms, where the end is in sight if I can just push through. I will. And hopefully I'll do so by June 1, but it's driving me crazy.

I think I feel better now. I find when I'm down to the wire, near end of a novel I blog more. It takes the nerve racking edge off.


  1. Insomnia is the absolute pits, and being stressed just adds to the misery. I can sympathize. We bloggers always seem to offer unsolicited advice, so I feel I must stay the course: if you're going to exercise, don't go to exhaustion level, otherwise sore muscles and aches will just keep you up as well. I would lean toward stretching, yoga, easy treadmill stuff to tire you but not strain. Best wishes :))

  2. Sorry you're feeling so bad. I swear, the more sleep you lose the harder it is to get any sleep. Here's to a restful night! :)