Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Special Thanks to The Book Stall & A Contest for You

A special thanks to The Book Stall, my favorite bookstore is in order. They just sent me a huge box of books, many ARCs several signed.

Look at this. It's like Christmas early.

"Wow! So many books! Thank you Book Stall!!!!

My personal favorite is Embrace coming out spring of 2012. The ARC has no back cover, but it did come with a letter from the MC's mom, which did way more to pull me in than any cover copy ever could.

I love this one too much to part with it. Today, I'm giving away an autographed copy of Shatter Me, not because I don't love it. But because they were nice enough to send one autographed ARC personalized to me, and one autographed ARC not personalized.

For this contest, you don't have to follow me to win, but if you want to follow me I would love it.  You will get one entry each time you blog/facebook/tweet my contest. You will get 3 entries for me in your side bar until the contest ends next Saturday and 3 entries for following liking The Book Stall's facebook page and leaving the comment "Thanks for Beth's contest."


  1. I've been dying to get my hands on Shatter Me! I tweeted:!/NicoleZoltack/status/145706176573743104 and posted on FB.

  2. What a fantastic early Christmas. Reading heaven. I should not enter this. I've already been fortunate in winning books, but my luck could be running out. Besids, I'm a contest addict. No control. :) I tweeted (Beverlymcclure), shared on Face Book, liked Bookstall on FB and left a comment "Thanks for Beth's Contest." Will blog it tomorrow.

    Good luck everyone. Thank you, Beth, for sharing your books.

  3. Thank you for the awesome chance to win! You are so lucky they sent you the ARC's, early Christmas present :) edysicecreamlover18@gmailDOTcom

  4. Just tweeted it :-) (@commutinggirl)
    Crossing my fingers!

  5. I'm not entering because I'm reading SHATTER ME right now. I just wanted to confirm that it's awesome! Good luck to those who enter.

  6. This is a book that has been long awaited.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  7. Hi Beth, Well, I already follow you, and my bookshelf is piled high right now, but I did like" Book Stall. Just wanted to pop over and say hello! Good luck to the contest goers.

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