Wednesday, September 5, 2012

ISWG: Giving Away Reviewer Copies

As always, the Insecure Writers Support Group is hosted by Alex J. Cauvanaugh .

What a wonderful day for this post. I'm exactly six days from releasing Kismet. If you don't remember ever hearing me talk about Kismet, it's because it used to be Fate. I'm nervous and excited. I've been working on ebook formatting for a while now. If you've used KDP before you know that it has a handy feature to let you check the formatting/quality of your book. If Smashwords does, I can't find it. So I let Fate go live for two days. I did this so that I could view the book directly from Smashwords and see if I was happy with the way it looked. The day it went live I sold a copy. Squeee!!!! But two days passed without selling another copy. True during testing, I'd done no marketing and hadn't even released a book cover. Still, it bothered me that my book wasn't selling. Then I learned there were 50+ pages in front of it, and about 3000 goodreads records for Fate. I took it down and changed the name. I'd been under the illusion that good writing and a solid story were enough to sell a $.99 short story. But it seems marketing really does matter. Sad but true.

Now I hope that the little bit of marketing I've done will be enough to matter. I just hope I'm not a colossal failure. So I'm begging for reviews. If you routinely review clean romance (there is a wild strip party in the opening scene, but there is no sexual content in the rest of the book) and think you have time to read a 42 page short story please let me know. I would be happy to send you a reviewer's copy for your honest review.

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  1. Hi, Beth! Best wishes with your new release.