Monday, May 5, 2014

Interrupting Your Normal Schedule...

Just last week I posted Romance Round-Up would be everything I'm looking forward to on the shelves and would take place on Monday. And already it's being pushed to Thursday. Why? Well, because what's new in the world of romance is too big to wait this week.

HARPER COLLINS BOUGHT HARLEQUIN. It happened on Friday. It may be old news now, but it's still huge. Harlequin (at least my imprint) says nothing is going to change. And as an aside, if you want to be a romance writer join RWA. Now. Today. Even if you write YA and are already a member of SCBWI. I heard about the merger from RWA even before my editor. That's how important it is. What are your thoughts on this? How is this going to affect romance? And publishing in general? It's another huge merger after Penguin Random House.


  1. I heard about this. Honestly, I don't see how things can stay exactly the same when companies merge, but I guess we'll see.

  2. I would imagine externally, readers probably won't notice much of a difference. Harlequin has a publishing brand head and shoulder above anyone else. Even people who don't read romance know what a Harlequin is. Internally, I'm hoping Harper can help them find better contract terms that benefit authors while still turning a profit. Only time will tell. We really still don't know the outcome of the Penguin/Random House merger.

  3. That's interesting. I wonder what will change, if much will.