Monday, December 1, 2014

Monday Mishmash

  1. Teaching - Okay. I've been keeping my mouth shut because you never know who may stumble across your blog and I didn't want to come across as negative to potential employers, but I believe for the first time ever I'm finding that a day job search can be as maddening as the query process. I've been subbing all semester and most of the schools I've been in have asked me back. Yet I cannot seem to get my own classroom! I want to teach English and I'm published, what else am I going to have to do?
  2. Sick- On top of the madness, I'm sick this week. Cruddy chest congestion, runny nose bad cough the works. I'm asthmatic, so it's a little bit of a concern. But I have a doctor appointment today, so hopefully we can nip it before it gets worse.
  3. House- We are in the process of buying a house. Again. We have an inspection in a couple of days and hopefully it goes well, because I love this house. It looks a lot like our old house, with more space!
  4. Writing Woes- Next week on Unicorn Bell, I'm doing a theme on writerly woes. Things you wouldn't usually say in the blogosphere, but we all struggle with. It would be super helpful if you left some of your woes in comments.
  5. Success- As a writer, how do you judge it? I really want to know. Are you looking for a certain sales number or Amazon ranking? Some days I feel like I'm getting somewhere and other days I feel like I need a map to find somewhere. 
So that's me this week. What's up with you?


  1. I know it's frustrating trying to find just the right job. The right one is the key though. Try to think that these other positions were not for you, but the one you'll love is there, even if it takes time to find it.
    Get well soon.
    Good luck with the new house.
    Writing Woes: Trying to get a scene that's in my head on the computer the way I see it, when it turns out wrong over and over again. Having to write a synopsis. Mine are awful. How do I condense 200 pages of story into two pages?
    Success: Success for me is finishing a story and liking it, after months, even years of working on it. And when it's published, I'm happy. Yes, I'd love to see great Amazon rankings. Hasn't happened yet. I've done the best I can do. What makes me even happier is when someone that has read my story tells me they like it, and not just because they're a friend or a nice person, but because they really do like it.
    Have a good week, Beth.

  2. Hope you feel better soon. Don't worry. The right job will come. You just haven't found it yet!

  3. Congrats again on the house. I know you'll find a teaching job. All these requests from teachers will pay off. Feel better!

  4. Finding a job is as hard as querying...maybe even harder. I wish you luck with the job hunt and hope you feel better soon!

  5. Sorry to hear you're sick and the job hunt is a bit disappointing. But at least getting a house will be exciting! I measure success by money (as it applies to the publishing biz), but life success is to just relax and enjoy life. "Succeeding" at the cost of a lot of stress and jeopardizing your mental and physical health is just wrong. Get well soon, Beth! :)

  6. Oh no! I hate that you're sick, Beth. :(

    I got a cold back in October and I hated everything--myself, school. I really did feel like crap for a few days. -shudders-
    I'll continue to send goodfeel vibes your way on your health, job hunt, and the inspection.

    As for the writing woes topic, I would agree with Beverly up there! -waves-
    ☆ I hate synopses. I just can't pack a novel into 2-5 double-spaced pages. Nope.
    ☆ Writer's envy is another one. All during NaNo I avoided the forums there because I knew seeing other writers' word counts would freak me out and stall all my progress. (There. I said it.)
    ☆ How do you jump into edits? I have a problem with that... Any tips and/or tricks on the editing process would be great.

    Hang in there, Beth!