Saturday, June 27, 2015

Big Dreams Blogfest

The Big Dreams blogfest is hosted by Misha Gericke.

Dude. It has been such a long hard month that I don't even remember what my goals were, but I think it's safe to say they didn't get accomplished. I think one goal was to survive my MFA residency, which I have done so far. Although, I have to say some aspects of it have been very uncomfortable. Yesterday, I sat in on a critique in which someone's narration was referred to "as very Jesus on the cross." People seemed to be bothered by this, and when I mentioned I was glad the young girl in the story seemed to know she didn't want an abortion, a well published author laughed. It made me wonder if it's easier for certain viewpoints to get published than others.

I think my goals for this month are to find a job, finish the funnel project, and write 30 pages of secret Project. I feel like that last one will get done, because it's a requirement for school.


  1. I have to say that the sort of thing you described is a big reason why I'm not doing a degree in creative writing (although I could in order to get my languages done.) It's amazing how people who pride themselves on being so "open-minded" are really just narrow-minded in a different direction.

    Best of luck for July!

  2. I hope your July goes well. I think one of the requirement of an MFA should be a class how to offer criticism in a way that supports and doesn't cast down.

  3. I'm with Misha here.
    I took a creative writing (though I believed the course was actually titled "Writer's Craft") in high school, and it was atrocious.
    I was forced to write poetry. I don't do poetry. Poetry is best done by others, and just read by me.

    Anyways, I've learned I hate sharing my work with...well, strangers really. I want to work my way to that level of critique by starting with beta readers who are family or friends.

    And yes, I believe there are some stories that agents/editors might be hesitant to publish. Abortion would top the list. It's amazing how the LGBT made this momentous stride in the States yesterday, and people still want to have a say in whether a woman should or should not carry her baby to term. >.> But that's of course my opinion.

    Good luck with the job hunt and the Secret Project, Beth! 30 pages is one page a day, + editing right?

  4. That sounds unpleasant. Laughing at your opinion is disrespectful. I hope the rest of the program goes well.

  5. Good luck with finding a job and your projects, Beth.
    And I shudder when I hear how abortion is accepted as okay. Sad.

  6. Goals change. It's inevitable. I think you're doing well, and your secret project seems to have you excited.

  7. Yeah, June was a bear of a month. Glad it's over. Best of luck with the July goals!