Friday, September 30, 2016

In Need of a New Goal

The Big Dreams Blogfest is hosted by myself and Misha Gericke. On the last Friday of every month we come together to discuss our progress.

When I started this bloghop, my goal was to make a million dollars writing. At the time, this seem hard but doable. Time went on. Life happened. Things changed. It no longer seemed possible. Like any good author I revised. My new goal was to sell 500 ebooks/month. I wasn't sure if this was possible. But everyone needs a goal. Time went on. Life happened. Things changed. It didn't seem possible. My new goal was to make $1500/month consistently. Yeah. You guessed it. Doesn't seem possible. At this point, I think my goal is to determine what my goal is. I have no idea how to even go about this.

I don't think I accomplished much in September and yet I want to say I accomplished more than I did in August. However, I went back to look at last month's post and quickly realized why it doesn't seem I accomplished much this month. I set no goals!

But here are a few things I did do.

  1. Lost 10 pounds. This is a huge deal for me.
  2. Went off candy. Finally.
  3. Blogged more than once!
  4. Sent a query letter for the first time in years.
  5. Worked on revision of thesis--(Learned about revision)
Goals for October
  1. Lose 10 lbs.
  2. Stay off carbs
  3. Write 3,000 words
  4. Figure out what to put in a newsletter and start writing one.
How are your goals coming? What are your goals for October? Anyone have suggestions for a newsletter?


  1. 10 lbs in a month! Wow! I gave up both chocolate and alcohol for September and, despite walking over 160 miles in the month too, I only lost a measly 4 lbs ☹️
    Goals are tricky things. If you're looking for a new one, perhaps you should choose one that's under YOUR control. So selling a certain number of books depends on others, but finishing another book this year, or submitting a short story somewhere every month are examples of things you can commit to.
    Sadly, I'm nowhere nearer achieving my goal either, so perhaps I should heed my own advice and reset my sights 😄
    Just don't forget to keep on writing!

  2. Wow! Way to go last month!!!
    Goals are tough, but I think it's smart to revise them, as needed.

  3. Wow, congrats on the weight loss and giving up candy! Also, very good on the query. I'm not to that stage yet with my MS, and I'm dreading it. Is it as bad as everyone says? Good luck for October!

  4. For not having any goals, your September was pretty impressive! Congrats on your accomplishments, and good luck with those great goals.

    When I put out a newsletter, I used Mailchimp, which seemed a pretty good service. It's pretty drag and drop but the social cards have a little learning curve to master them.

  5. Well done on losing 10lbs!

    You'll figure out what to do with your goals. :-)

  6. Best-selling and best-writing aren't always the same thing. But look at that graph of words written over there... 63% of the way to a million! That's amazing. So either focus more on writing or maybe check out some of the courses on book selling and marketing. Never hurts to learn a new skill.