Friday, March 18, 2011

On Life...

...On the third day of a migraine. How is life? It's not bad, though I wish the migraine would leave me. I guess the real question is how does an ADHD person with an obsessive personality deal with the unknowns of the world of queries on the third day of a migraine.

Yesterday, I mailed stuff out which was returned to me today for not having stamps!  I'm a M-W-F blogger and this week, I blogged M-W-Th. I guess this technically counts as a Friday post, though absolutely no one will see it, because by this time on a Friday night everyone is out having fun. Unless, you're like me. Then, you're huddled up to your desk taking deep breaths of the steam for your tea with your lamp pointed towards the wall to keep from aggravating the migraine. You're college grammar textbook is open, and as you study dangling modifiers, you wish you had been a better student back in the day. You hope that all the work you've put in will pay off, but you really can't say that. Because other than writing your little heart out, it's just beyond your control.

But I survived my first week of queries. It's out of my control and that's okay. I have the courage to face the unknown. I can do this and if I don't get published, I'm a better writer than I was one year ago. I understand things that 12 months ago, and really even six months ago I didn't. It's all going to be okay.


  1. Hope you feel better soon, Beth. I've been querying too so I totally understand what you're saying. Good luck to you! (And, yes, I am at my desk while everyone else is out having fun! lol)

  2. I was so exhausted I went to bed at 9:30PM! Time spent writing is never wasted, published or not. Sometimes you just have to wait for your piece of work and the right agent/publisher to meet and fall in love.

  3. Aw, Beth, I totally empathize. I am a migraine sufferer. In 18 days I had 10 migraines. I seem to have finally broken the cycle - for this month. But it seems like the list of triggers just keeps growing.

    As a querying writer, I can also understand the frustrations of the process. Good luck! And feel better!

  4. You poor thing, I hope you feel better soon! I know how torturous it is to wait on publishing/query answers. I try to take time for other stuff, unrelated to writing. Like maybe take a walk outside, now that it's getting so sprig-like! The rose bush on my deck is sprouting leaf buds. How amazing that is, year after year.

  5. Querying is tough. I am a chronic migraine sufferer so I am permanently on medication. But hang on in there. You are already one step closer to reaching your goal because you are at the querying stage. Do not worry about the bad stuff. You are doing what you have to—to make your goal of becoming a published author a reality.

    Stay strong and be positive. Got my fingers crossed for you.

  6. As someone who suffers from debilitating migraines (secondary to a pituitary tumor) I *literally* feel your pain! :( Although someday's I'd almost prefer a migraine to the madness of querying! ;)

    Hang in there, hope you are feeling better!

  7. I have migraines too, Beth. I take immetrix when they occur, but I take topamax on a daily basis and that seems to help. (My spelling stinks, but they should work phonetically.) I hope you feel better soon.

    I'm having a critique contest for completed ms on my blog and Judith Engracia is judging it....

  8. Congrats on making it through your first week! Though I'm sorry to hear about your migraine- they're killer :(

  9. Hi Beth!

    I hope you're feeling better.

    So sorry! I only realized today that I didn't follow your blog yet. Used to be under the impression that I had followed, but something told me to check.

    Anyway. Here I am. Sorry to be so late!


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