Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dear Beth

Dear Beth,

When we finish Chance Encounters, we will get a big Sonic coke and watch Eclipse on the couch in our socks. After we do pilates of course.

Also, when you lose ten pounds your husband will let you spend $100 on clothes. The fact that he doesn't know this yet is insignificant. You still can, because we make the budget.



P.S. if you won my Delirium contest and haven't sent your address yet, please do.


  1. This was hilarious!!! You go girl!!! Go get your drink on... after Chase encounters of course.

  2. Ooh, this sounds like a fun day with the girls! I love it... thank you for joining our MC Blogfest, you're fabulous! I'm so exited to read your entry. :)