Sunday, July 3, 2011

Nerdier Than I & Leaving Paradise Winner

The winner of Leaving Paradise is Beverly Stowe Mclure.

So the hubs took me to see Bad Teacher this weekend. It was funny, but there was more moment I found more a relief than slapstick.

"I am a member of al'ge'bra. I have weapons of math instruction."

And while fellow movie watchers laughed hysterically at the stupidity of this statement and the fake mid-eastern accent the woman used to deliver the line, I drew a heavy sigh of relief. You see, I am well aware that I'm a nerd. But even though I stood in line at midnight for the release of Catching Fire and every edition of Twilight, even though my favorite band sings Celtic, and my husband and I used to cruise the hills of Fayetteville, Arkansas jammin' to White & Nerdy there are people nerdier than I!!!


  1. Hahaha yeah... I can be a major nerd if I don't keep an eye on myself. We all have it in us. :-D

  2. Funny, Beth. I think you're amongst nerd company. I've got a lot of nerd going on over here. And the books you stood in line for - LOVE them. Great choices.

  3. Congrats to Beverly, and a shout out to writing nerds everywhere!

  4. Oh, wow! How exciting. Thank you, Beth. Winning books is so much fun. Thanks to all. I'm a nerd too, and proud of it.