Friday, December 14, 2012

A Question for Paid Blog Tour Hosts

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In recent weeks, I've seen several posts on how tired people are of blog tours, yet they seem to continue to be the best way to get the word about your book out there. (And if you write a great book but no one knows about it, it doesn't matter). For a writer, this is scary. People aren't reading blog tours anymore. They're ignoring cover reveals. And how do I get my book out there?

I'm no marketing expert, but from the number of books sold on my blog tour earlier this year, reviews got the most sales. Why then are there so few options for review only tours? Or am I wrong? And people still seem to be reading reviews.

If you're an experienced book promoter (marketer/publicist), I want to talk to you. I'd like to get a guest post or an interview. Maybe, you can answer this question for us.


  1. All I know is that my publishers are setting up blog tours for all my books. It's still the thing to do to promote books.

  2. From what I have heard blog tours work great, I still get tons of requests for blog tours so many that I have to turn most of them down because I don't have the time to review all those books.

    Honestly internet & social media marketing is still a great way to reach many people, sure there are a lot of book reviews coming up but with blogs I read often if they give a book a high rating I will look into getting the book because to me their opinion counts. So if anything writers must make sure the blog they are asking to do a book tour has readers that read books in their market. Ex. you wouldnt want to ask a popular paranormal book blog to do a blog tour of your YA contemp.

  3. Blog tours aren't going anywhere, but you're right that the market is getting flooded by them. Some people (me included) will tune out a blog I regularly read if I see it's a tour and I'm not interested in the book. That said, I think there are still ways to make blog tours productive. It's all about making your tour different in a way that helps people remember your book and get's them interested in reading it.

  4. Very interesting!! I didn't know that reviews resulted in higher sales as opposed to guest posts, etc. Hopefully those types of tour stops generate buzz also!

  5. Interesting. I wouldn't have guessed reviews would generate more sales than other types of posts.