Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Slayed Book 45

First of all, thanks to everyone who has shown interest in my crit group. I'll get back to you early next week, I'm recovering from oral surgery this week, and haven't had time to read the samples.

"The Van Helsing family has been hunting vampires for over one hundred years, but sixteen-year-old Daphne wishes her parents would take up an occupation that doesn’t involve decapitating vamps for cash. All Daphne wants is to settle down in one place, attend an actual school, and finally find a BFF to go to the mall with. Instead, Daphne has resigned herself to a life of fast food, cheap motels and buying garlic in bulk.

But when the Van Helsings are called to a coastal town in Maine, Daphne’s world is turned upside down. Not only do the Van Helsings find themselves hunting a terrifying new kind of vampire (one without fangs but with a taste for kindergarten cuisine), Daphne meets her first potential BF! The hitch? Her new crush is none other than Tyler Harker, AKA, the son of the rival slayer family.

What's a teen vampire slayer to do?"

Okay, so I read this the day before I had my wisdom teeth removed, and I don't remember much, except that it was fun, quick read, different than a lot of PNRs. It didn't have as much romance as I'm used to or as I like, but it still held my attention well. This book is kind of dark. It got scary in places. And it has an interesting concept. Kiki was my favorite character. She becomes the mc's bff. I think this is a 3 star book.

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