Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Interview with Publisher and Owner of Curiosity Quills Lisa Gus

Today, I have publisher and owner of the press Curiosity Quills here to talk about CQ's endeavor to support no kill shelters and some advice for writers.

Please explain to my readers how purchasing this anthology will be supporting a good cause.

10% of the revenue will go straight to No-Kill shelters, both from PrimeTime and After Dark 

volumes. And, once we launch in hard-cover later this season in time for all the holiday 

shopping, sponsored via the Indie Go-Go campaign, everything that doesn’t get applied toward 

covering production and shipping expenses will also go straight to the dogs (pardon the pun!)

2. There are so many good causes out there. How did you decide to help animals?

As one of our antho authors says, “Animals are people too.” We at Curiosity Quills don’t feel 

that it’s fair or humane to put down healthy wonderful animals instead of working to re-home 

them or let them live out their years with dignity and comfort. And so, when it came time to 

start giving back – the cause was kind of a no-brainer!

3. You’re here today to talk about a new anthology you’ve released. What’s the theme? How 

were the authors selected?

CQ specializes in quirky paranormal / mystery / sci-fi – and that’s exactly what both volumes 

are like. Like Razorbill in the times of yore (when books were strictly physical and New York 

publishing houses ruled and rivers were made of eggnog), we are choosing to publish only the 

novels and short stories WE want to be caught reading. 

Made up of works exclusively by CQ’s own authors (with the exception of Jennifer Malone 

Wright, who is writing the foreword for our digital / paperback editions and Jonathan Maberry, 

who will be supplying it for the hardcover one), the anthologies represent our stab at getting 

you to that semi-scary semi-exciting place you get to when immersed in a piece that is good 

enough to just JUST barely keep yourself from glancing over your shoulder to see if someone is 

perched on the back of your armchair to read along. 

We don’t want to frighten you out of your wits, after all, but we want you to think, consider, 

shiver with anticipation – and remember our authors when it comes to choosing your next full-
length book.

4. As a publisher, what would you advise an author NOT to do?

I would advise the author to NOT treat their manuscript as the best thing since sliced bread. 

Sometimes, a look from the side, with a fresh eye, may reveal issues, taking care of which may 

make an otherwise solid work truly shine!

5. What’s the greatest writing advice you’ve ever heard?

Do not make characters do things for the sake of the plot. Make the plot twist and turn for the 

sake of the characters.

6. What does CQ look for in a manuscript? Of course, we want to know what genres you’re open to, but I think what really helps writers is to know what makes something magical for you.

Well, funny you should ask I have just announced yesterday that we’re opining our doors to submissions to a separate imprint (with a separate website that is being made right now), Curiosity Thrills – which will publish the titles that CQ would have published, but would otherwise be too steamy for the mainstream imprint. After all, erotica is a happening thing right now, and we want to capitalize on that – not, however, at the expense of character development or plot!
As to the genres, we are looking for fiction only. Mystery, sci-fi, dystopian, horror, urban fantasy, 

paranormal and even solid contemporary works in Adult, NA, and YA age groupings is our 

preferred fare. We have even just accepted a new work by one of our previously published 

authors, Tara Tyler, that is upper MG. So, wow us – and we will take it!

Oh… how to do that, you ask? Avoid unnecessary sex and violence – but do not skimp on 

either. Self-edit, take it through a critique group – and then let it rest for a month or so before 

sending it our way. And most importantly – please, please, treat the characters, not the plot, 

as paramount, as long as you keep them moving right along. We want to care what happens to 

them, we want to be invested, and then we will lap your story up!

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  1. Great cause. Glad to see Curiosity Quills is doing this.

  2. This is wonderful. Hats off to Curiosity Quills.