Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday Mishmash

  1.  Monday Mishmash-- In case you didn't notice I have stolen Kelly Hashway's post for the total randomness that is an update on life. And by the way, she and I are hosting the Zombie blogfest, so if you haven't already signed up for some Halloween fun, you should.
  2. Editing--So much editing to do!I finished my first draft of Perfect Harmony, which my agent refers to as the car crash novel last week. And I have agent edits for the companion to A Missing Peace that I put off until my draft was complete. So lot's of editing and I'd like to have it all done by the end of the month.
  3. Business--Now that I'm done drafting, I have lots of business items to take care of too, like getting TOMG formtted for nook and smashie and get it uploaded, fixing my blog, updating social media. All that joyous stuff that has absolutely nothing to do with writing. One day I will get a six figure deal and have an assistant to do this stuff. One day baby.
  4. Buying a house--So it seems the husband and I will be closing on a small house the 22nd of November. It's cute. I like it, but the bigger deal is I will have a work space again. (We'd previously used the second bedroom as our office but then ELF came and that had to become a nursery. I've been working at the kitchen table).
  5. Project 52--I rarely do reviews these days because I've been cautioned not to make other authors mad. That makes me sad because I loved reviewing books, so my friend Kelly and I worked out a kind of covert P-52 which I will be bringing you in 2014. It should be interesting. 
  6. Royalty checks--I got a royalty check today!!! Woo-hoo! Not only is that always fun however tiny, it's encouragement that my investment might one day pay off.
So what's on your mind?


  1. Happy to have you join in my Monday Mishmash madness. :) I should make a button for the meme.

  2. isn't it fun getting those first checks in the mail? love the validation! Congrats on all that's happening in your life.

  3. Yeah for money in the mail. Looking forward to your covert review plans for next year. :)

  4. Congratulations on the editing and the house. Good luck with the business stuff. And yay for royalty checks. You've left us with a cliffhanger now. Mmm. What could it be? Have a super week.

  5. Yay for royalty checks. I have to wait for June to see my first one.

    Wow, you are going to be busy for the rest of the month!!!