Monday, November 11, 2013

Monday Mishmash

  1. Sick--OMG! I'm fairly certain I have bronchitis but I'm too stubborn to go to the doctor. The fever got better but the cough has gotten worse.
  2. Comments--I know I've been a horrible blogger lately. I'm trying to get my rounds in again guys. I still love you all, but things have been more than a little crazy around here lately.
  3. Edits--I got the Finding Hope edits into my agent last week, but I have barely started the Perfect Harmony edits. And I have to do those before making the baby book that I must make before I start drafting.
  4. Overwhelmed--Piggybacking off of #3, I'm feeling overwhelmed. I still have one book left on my production schedule for this year. And I think we'll be closing on our house this week, if not then definitely next week. Which means another move. 
  5. Day job--I'm finding I need one which is scary. I don't know how I can keep writing, work eight hours a day, and play with ELF too. For those of you who do all three how do you manage it?
So that's me. What's up with you this week?


  1. I'm so sorry you're still not feeling well. I think you sound worse as you get better though, so maybe the fever breaking and the cough getting worse is actually a sign of improvement.

    I think you may need to revise your plan for writing another book this year. You have a lot going on. What will really happen if you push that book off until January? It just might keep you sane.

  2. Don't feel bad, Beth. I'm right there with you. Now I know why so many authors neglect their blogs. There simply isn't enough time. Anyway, it's great to see you when we can, and we all understand life's demands. Good luck on edits!!
    And thanks so much for sharing my FB post to help promo!! ((hugs))

  3. You poor thing! You must go to the doctor because bronchitis can turn into pneumonia. Please get antibiotics and feel better soon. As to your overcrowded schedule, I'm the last person to ask. I couldn't handle a job plus a family (so never had a family), and I can't even handle writing a new book in addition to the promotion of Soul Cutter (which isn't that much and yet takes a lot of my time). I don't know how super-moms do it all. But I had several stomach ulcers when I was living in NYC. I don't handle stress well, so I make sure my life has none in it. No amount of money is worth my health, my freedom, or my happiness.