Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday Mishmash

1. The House-- I'm closing on my first house today and while I hope having the house junk behind me will free up time for writing/editing/blogging the truth is now it will be time to MOVE. And I hate moving.

2. Book Babe-- My friend Tara at Book Babe is looking for strong and sexy heroines to promote. Their strength can be anything you want, but she'd like their sexiness to be more than just physical. If you have a book you're looking to promote, you can find more here.

3. Edits--Have been non-existent as has writing, and apparently blogging. I've got to get back on my game. Blah.

4. MFA-- I've bought plane tickets and reserved a hotel room, only to realize I never registered for classes! Whoa. Way to go, Beth. Way to go.

5. There is no 5. I was doing good to get through 1-4. And now I'm off to email my department head to get registered. Wish me luck.


  1. Moving isn't fun but once you're settled it will be. Good luck registering for classes.

  2. Hey, good luck on beginning MFA classes!

  3. You must be so thrilled with signing for your first house! Best of luck with moving. I've always found that labeling boxes per intended room makes moving-in easier. But that's me; kind of an order freak.

  4. I can't imagine how I'd move and study for a MFA too. Moving is very stressful, so try to take it easy and don't put too much pressure on yourself -- but congrats on the new house!! Yay!!

  5. I don't envy you the process of packing everything and moving it to a new place, but I know how much happier you'll be in your own home. No more crazy upstairs neighbors and rude repair guys. :)

  6. I remember when we bought our first home. Such an exciting time. Moving's not fun, but you'll be so happy once you're there. Enjoy your classes too. :)