Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Covert Review Book #2

Here it is! My first covert review of the year. Let's see how this goes over. Quick reminder, a covert review is a book which I'm not sharing but rather sharing my thoughts on. I won't tell you what book I didn't like just why I didn't like it, because I really want to do reviews and my agent and I thought it was best I not criticize other authors.

Let me start off by saying, this is where I think authors are crazy for getting upset about low star reviews. I really liked this book. I'd even recommend, but I stay fairly objective about reviews so this is not 4 star material. And it could have been. Easily. What's wrong with it? Slow start. Still, it could have easily been a four star book. But there was a serious serious lack of craft. Way too much telling. I'm talking blocks of narration that would often go on for pages. And really interesting contractions like "Mom'd" or "I'dve" or "Mom'll." In dialogue I wouldn't been a fan of this but in narration, I think it's just wrong. This was a self published book that did fairly well, but I can see why it wasn't traditionally published. (Not to insult self published writers. Just use an editor). And it did have a lack of editing with extra words here and there.

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