Sunday, December 13, 2015

42 Days of Fiction

I issued a new policy last week stating that I would be blogging 3 days a week, but I wouldn't state which days or what I would be blogging. I was also going to limit fb and twitter use to Tuesdays only. I failed at both of these! But it's Sunday. It's a new week, and I'm going to try to reaffirm this.

I'm also excited about one other thing. I'm in SHU MFA program and one of my major goals the first semester was to establish a regular writing routine. However, I was also working on a Texas teacher certification through another program and a first year teacher so this didn't happen. To help make sure this happens, I've issued myself a challenge. (Those of you who know me from P-52 know I love a challenge). For the next six weeks I'm writing fiction every day. 42 days of fiction writing. Six weeks is apparently the amount of time it takes to build a habit. And I need a new writing habit. I'm hoping to finish my thesis novel by my January 8th residency and dump 50-60,000 words in my count toward a million. After that, I will focus on short fiction aimed at women's world for a little bit and decide what to do next. The short projects are awesome, because you can see immediate productivity.

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