Friday, February 5, 2016

The Key to Her Heart: Writing for Woman's World #3

Before I analyze this week's story Sarah Nego has recently done some helpful posts on why your book isn't selling. (Isn't that the million dollar question?)

As part of my goal to be published in Woman's World Magazine this year, I'm taking their short romances apart on the blog the way I did books the year I decided I would get published (and did). For those of you outside of the U.S. here is the promised link to the online version

This week's story The Key to Her Heart much more closely fits the established pattern I've found than the last one we looked at. It's also super cute.

B: A principal is standing outside his elementary school listening to the keys that decorate the fence jingle in the wind. It was an art teacher's project that he didn't see value in, but he agreed because he was a new principal hoping to build a positive relationship with teachers and students. (I think all of this is info dump). Then he sees a woman searching the keys, so he goes to find out what she's looking for.

M: She says she's looking for a special key that belonged to her grandparents. Her grandfather had his and his wife's initials engraved in to the back of the key when they first came to town and moved into their first home. Her grandparents are now in a nursing home, and she and her sister want to have the key put on a necklace for their grandmother's birthday. But she thinks her nephew turned it in for the art project years ago. The principal says he will help her search the keys.

E: He finds the key and she asks how she can thank him, so he uses that as an opportunity to ask her to dinner. Six months later he asks her to dinner again to give her the key to his heart. (Aww). 

Did you read this week's story? What did you think about it? And isn't that ending super cute?

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