Thursday, December 27, 2018

Fiction in 2019

Dear Jeni,
You must bBe gentle with yourself.
I must Remember this is a work of art and love to feed your soul and make your mark.
This is not a job. Marketplace vitality doesn't matter.
No one else's opinion matters.

In 2019, I would like to finish The Capital Hill series and query Silver Lining.
And if you can't, there will be another year.
The ELF will still eat dance  thrive.
Your husband will still fight with you.
Your house will be clean some days and not as clean others.
You will survive, because you've survived so much more.
What matters is that you keep the joy. You don't stress out yourself or your family with a lack of success a perverted culture's definition of success.
All you need to be, all the ELF needs you to be, is happy.

Peace, hope, and love.
The Real ~J~

1 comment:

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