Thursday, December 27, 2018

From Jen to Zen

Some of you know me as a quirky, compelling, and sometimes controversial fiction writer Beth Fred. Or you may know me as the over-stressed dance mom, Jeni, who barely makes it through the day.
If you know me from the writing world, you're probably wondering why you're reading this since I announced a year ago I wasn't writing any longer. I committed to a year, but no one really expected me to pick it up again, least of all me.
And yet here I am.
That commitment to a sabbatical turned out to be a safety boat that I couldn't have planned for but have to be thankful for. God and the universe cleared my plate for the chaos that would become my 2018. I'm not saying it's over yet, or that I feel better...
But I'm still standing.
I survived.
And now I'm back.
And the nature of this blog has changed. It started as a book blog in 2010. I reviewed 52 books, found a genre I loved, converted my book blog to a writer's blog, went back to a book blog, scored an agent, published a book with an imprint of the big red H, found myself back in the slush pile and started over. LOL.
If you've been with me since the good ole days, thank you. And you might find 2019 boring. My project for this year is self-improvement. I can't commit to writing fiction this year, because I'm still working on keeping my crap together, but journaling has always been how I survived a storm from a very young age. Online journals don't pollute the world by ending up in a landfill, and the occassional support is much appreciated.
I'm here to find peace this year.
Romance World becomes from Jen--the previously mentioned angsty, over-stressed dance mom--to zen.

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