Friday, April 17, 2020

The Covid-19 Diary #3

I'm behind with everything.
I signed up for a write a novel in a month class then booked a big ghost writing gig I couldn't afford to turn down. However, there has been a delay in receiving the information packet to get started. I should have been chipping away at Her Chief of Staff. Sadly, I've done nothing.
I signed up for a class on writing articles for children's magazines and so far haven't got past the concept. One concept.
I'm also behind in my happiness class with no real motivation to keep going.

I have been doing yoga daily, at least for five days. LOL.
I'm also considering becoming Buddhist. Did you know the word Buddha means teacher? I mean this fits right in with what the strengths inventory said and I'm a teacher. Maybe. It's kind of hard to swallow that I finished my license in December and this junk started in March. I'm not sure I should be in a classroom in the fall. I'm high risk and have the ELF to consider.

I've enjoyed being home with my family but I'm really sick of all the uncertainty. I just need a calmer more straight forward path.
How is your quarantine going?

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