Monday, April 6, 2020

Happiness Class: Gratitude Journal #1

For my "The Science of Well Being" class this week I'm supposed to be keeping a gratitude journal, list five things I'm thankful for every night.
It's Thursday and this is my first attempt at doing it.
Since class is on Monday, I'm not off to a great start, but here goes:


  • My husband who has always supported me even when I'm wrong. 
  • My daughter. She's pretty much my life.
  • I'm not able to sub, but my husband's job still seem secure at a time when a lot of people have lost jobs.
  • I'm a homeowner (or the bank lets me pretend to be), and I don't have to worry about maintenance people or landlord showings bringing germs inside my home.
  • I had time to write a story this week.
  • I decided since I have to live regency, I might as well dress for dinner and it was fun.
  • I got paid to write Saturday! #Win
  • An editing client asked me to help her package a book.
  • I planned my nephew's virtual birthday. This is something I would not have done w/o a quarantine.
  • We had a pizza and movie night.

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